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Welcome to Eye MDs of Inland. Experience the warmth of family-oriented eye care, where each patient is treated with the same compassion and attention we would offer to our own loved ones. Dr. Marc Shomer embodies a genuine commitment to his patients’ well-being, striving not only to enhance their vision but also elevate their overall quality of life.

Dr. Shomer’s educational journey began at UCLA, where he earned both his MD and PhD from the prestigious UCLA School of Medicine. He honed his expertise during residency at the 

esteemed Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA, a program ranked among the top three in the nation. Presently, he imparts his knowledge an Ophthalmology educator at the Donhey Eye Institute within the Keck School of Medicine at USC.

At Eye MDs of Inland, our priority is your comfort and confidence. Our clinic offers a serene setting, distinct from the bustle of hospitals or conventional offices, allowing us to dedicate unhurried time to understanding your concerns and addressing your vision-related issues in a personalized manner.

Equipped with a comprehensive array of tools, we are adept at diagnosing, treating, and managing various eye conditions, vision impairments, and related ocular challenges. Dr. Shomer’s extensive 17 years of collective ophthalmic experience enables us to offer Southern Californians tailored treatments.

Staying at the forefront of technological advancements and ocular research, the Eye MDs of Inland ensures that each patient benefits from the latest insights. Dr. Marc Shomer employs cutting-edge surgical lasers, diagnostics, and equipment to facilitate accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

With us as your dedicated partners, expect meticulous, high-quality care that comprehensively addresses your eye care needs. We are the trusted eye doctor near me.  

Eye MDs Gives Special Care to Each Patient

The mission of Eye MDs is to provide comprehensive, personable care to all patients. Our staff wants you to feel like we hear, address, and consider each of your concerns — because we do. The comprehensiveness of our services means we strive to take care of not only your physical but also your emotional needs.

While our many years of experience and expertise matter for diagnoses and treatments, our patients live with the symptoms. We also know that ocular maladies affect every part of your life, from stress levels to your ability to complete daily tasks. In acknowledgment of this, our team takes care to understand your concerns and help you define any conditions you may be experiencing.

It is our clinic’s privilege to offer cutting-edge medical expertise, earning the trust of friends and neighbors across Southern California. The Eye MDs staff does its best to perform and provide top-quality eye exams, preventative treatments, and other ocular care. We also show you how to track your progress and provide detailed care instructions.

General ophthalmologic care can save your vision, but compassionate, professional treatment can restore your peace of mind. We have the tools, expertise, and integrity to provide superior eye health, vision, and optical care in Southern California. Contact our clinic and speak with our excellent customer service team to schedule an appointment today. We are happy to answer your questions.

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