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Quality Eye Care for When an Optometrist May Not Be Enough

Your vision affects every aspect of your life. Searching for a qualified and professional “eye doctor near me” in Southern California shouldn’t be a hassle. At Eye MDs, we combine decades of eye care experience with the latest technology and diagnostic insights. Drs. Marc Shomer and Kayla Unsell believe in cost-effective, detailed optometric and ophthalmologic care and make it their mission to provide nothing less. We believe an optometrist should make ocular maintenance easy instead of something few people can afford. You already spend enough time and energy worrying about your condition without additional stress. Rather than default to the most expensive solution, our doctors seek the most effective and appropriate one. Don’t wait to address eye issues that need professional attention, treatment plans, and advice. Contact Eye MDs any weekday through our telephone number or email address. Our office is open for in-person appointments Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Phone: (909) 981-9800


Reliable Eye Exams & Ophthalmologic Care

Our Eye MDs (ophthalmologist) focus on long-term eye health and work to improve or maintain your vision. Many problems do not appear until the later stages of life and require thorough care to resolve or manage them. We conduct comprehensive eye exams to monitor and detect the early signs of eye diseases.

Eye MDs of Inland addresses adult optometric and ophthalmologic concerns, including the following:

The Best Team At Your Service

At Eye MDs, our expertise allows our care to reach beyond optometric examination, diagnosis, and treatment of eye and vision problems. Our leading doctors have many years of ophthalmologic experience and can perform cutting-edge medical and surgical treatments. 

Our doctors can do more than what an optometrist might offer alone. Dr. Shomer is a Jules Stein Eye Institute graduate with a Ph.D. in Neurology from UCLA’s School of Medicine. Dr. Unsell is a graduate of the Loma Linda School of Medicine with a focus on ophthalmology.

You can call on Eye MDs’ expert team when you need a glaucoma or cataract surgeon in Southern California. Our surgical prowess also allows us to address large pterygium, eyelids, and other visual obstructions. When you work with us, you can rest assured you will receive top-quality patient care that prioritizes knowledge and comfort equally.

Though we fully equip our office with the latest ocular care technology, we do not rush all eye problems to surgery. Our team adheres to a strict step-by-step process, looking toward optimal non-surgical treatments for the delicate features of your eye.

This process can help keep costs low while focusing on a precise diagnosis that addresses the source of your symptoms.

You don’t have to scroll through the results after searching “eye doctor near me” anymore. Our office provides diagnostic, medical, and surgical treatments that have proven successful in and around Southern California. Call Eye MDs to schedule an appointment and receive personalized care today.


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